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Book an Initial Assessment

The first step in your chiropractic health journey begins when you book online through our website or call or text us to book an appointment. Easy and convenient, you set up your account with your preferences. You get reminders for your appointment, and we send you the essential initial paperwork.

  • What type of assessment do you need for your specific situation? We gather unique information from you to help us determine which assessment you need. Once your appointment is booked, then you get our intake forms via email.
  • The first two visits are the most time-intensive visits in our office (but we have snacks!)
  • We follow up on your progress through a scheduled reassessment. This is a huge advantage to our patients who want to see if there is real, measurable progress in their wellness.

1st Visit:

The goal of the first visit (which is typically about an hour long) is to get as much information as possible; about you, your health history, performing tests on your spine, and feeling the movement of your spine and using our technologies to get objective baselines.

Chiropractic initial assessment

    • Initial Pediatric assessment (under 13)
    • Initial Perinatal assessment (pregnant or recently pregnant)
    • Neurological
    • Scoliosis
    • All initial assessments include chiropractic, orthopedic, neurological and  standard physical exam elements.
    • If and when we take x-rays, we adjust our care from what they tell us. This gives us a distinct advantage with difficult cases.

Day 2 – Review of results & first adjustment

On your second visit, the chiropractor will review everything they discovered in your initial assessment. We discuss findings and data so you understand what is going on. Then you have the knowledge to make the best decision for you (and your family) so you get back to living the life you want!

Recommendation of care…

    • Review goals, issues, symptoms, data, etc. Symptoms are important data, but we also care about body function: if you are functioning better, this creates the environment for your body to heal itself. Symptoms can improve or disappear completely.
    • We discuss with you to deliver our customized care recommendations** to achieve your goals. Important changes may need to be made at home. Many people forget that what we do when we’re not in the chiropractic office is also important to set you up for success.

Reassessment: Typically, we reassess after 12 visits to track progress and measure change.

  • The data holds everyone accountable, ensuring we’re taking the appropriate steps to create an environment conducive to healing.


“Such a caring, professional, and knowledgeable team! Flexible times for treatments, great prices, use of X-ray and other innovative tools to better personalize care. The office is clean, bright, and has a calming atmosphere. Dr. Madelyn Plett is so kind, gentle and adaptable when treating my baby and toddler. I’ve never seen my boys so comfortable being adjusted. A family centred practice, I highly recommend!”

Sheridan Aleck

“Such an amazing assessment and experience at Connected Chiro. The office is so welcoming, calming and friendly. The process from start to finish made me feel well taken care of, with great communication along the way. Starting with a spinal care class to X-rays to scans and my initial treatment I feel well taken care of. Especially the drinks and snacks while you wait!

They direct bill and use Jane so the text reminders and emails are great to keep my appointments on track. I would highly recommend this office to everyone looking to gain control of their health.”

Sandy Oviatt


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