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We’re Dr. Madelyn and Dr. Tim. We’re partners in business and in life.

We met in chiropractic college and soon learned we shared a similar passion for health and community. After Dr. Madelyn graduated, she took a job in Singapore. Long distance was tough but we learned how to communicate and adapt. When Dr. Tim graduated, we made our way to Canada!

After two years of practicing and learning more about my Functional Neurology specialty in Red Deer, we moved back to Calgary, excited to open our own practice.

We started Connected Chiropractic because we’re passionate about caring for families!⁣ When each family member is well-adjusted & taken care of, the whole family dynamic changes. People are more optimistic, energetic and resilient.

Dr. Madelyn grew up in Calgary, so when we were considering where to open our own practice, we thought this would be the perfect place. We love serving families, and we love being close to ours.

Bring your Body into Healing

Chiropractic allows your body to heal itself. Understanding the stress your body is under from various environmental, physical or psychological factors is essential to creating the conditions for whole-body health & wellness.

Allowing your nervous system to function appropriately reduces pain, eases discomfort and helps you with a better quality of life.

So go ahead, try out that skateboard. What could possibly go wrong? 

Dr. Madelyn

My first experience with chiropractic was at the age of 16, and it changed my life. I was a nervous child, often experiencing anxiety and sleeplessness. After chiropractic treatment, my system found a state of calm and healing for the first time in my life. I want to give that to other people.

I’m certified in the Webster Technique because I wanted to support expectant moms during an incredibly stressful time for their bodies. And if it helps mom, I hope that adjustments also support the baby as well.

I also adjust my techniques, evaluation, and assessment for the different stages of development – from pregnancy, birth, infancy and throughout childhood. This is essential to create a comfortable adjustment, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Some fun facts:

My favourite Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Best Snack Ever: Cheese and Red Wine

Favourite City to Visit: Singapore (and I’ve also lived there. I loved the food and architecture.)

Dr. Tim

My father is a chiropractor. I’ve met all kinds of people throughout my life and seen the difference between their lives with and without chiropractic. In my experience, people faired better with chiropractic.

I have additional training in Functional Neurology because I love its simplicity. If you know what to look for, you can make a big difference in the quality of someone’s life without using invasive means.

I have additional training in Functional Neurology because I love its holistic approach to helping the body. If you know what to look for, you can make a big difference in the quality of someone’s life without using invasive means, and Functional Neurology allows for that. I hold a Diplomate of Functional Neurology through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board ( and received my training through the esteemed Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies.

Some fun facts:

My Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Best Snack Ever: Gouda, crackers and stuffed olives

Favourite City to Visit: Barcelona (I’ve also lived there. I loved the food and the culture.)



We couldn’t serve our community without the amazing support of our front desk team.

From showing you around during your first visit to helping with your assessment, they create a friendly and welcoming environment. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our space from the very beginning.

Our Core Values


We believe that humans thrive when they feel important and they feel seen & heard. We strive to create that space for our community. We’ve got you.


We are goal-oriented when it comes to supporting you in achieving optimal health. We ensure you understand the treatment plan and your results to make the best health decision.


We are committed to providing encouragement, support, respect & honesty to support your health and overall wellness. Always.

We welcome you exactly as you are and will meet you wherever you are on your journey.

“Dr. Madelyn Plett and Dr. Timothy Saltys are incredibly passionate about what they do and it shows in how they treat their clients. All three of my children attend Connected Chiropractic to support their health + overall wellness. I appreciate so much their whole body approach to chiro care and recommend them to everyone!”


“I struggle to find the words to describe how this place makes me feel. It’s just pure happiness, relaxation, and safety. Connected chiropractic is a safe space to be vulnerable, there’s no judgment here. I feel seen and herd and then well taken care of. Not to mention how they welcome my child, communicate with him and play with him so that I can connect with myself and have a little bit of me time. I have full trust with Lauren and Ashleigh at the front desk with my son and he loves seeing them every few weeks, It’s so nice to feel that way and have that at a chiropractic clinic.

Dr. Madelyn & Dr. Tim both have truly taken care of me, my son and our bodies and I can’t recommend this clinic enough.”

Linds M. 

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